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Proudly serving the Alabama Area for over 90 years.

Rug Pads

Keep your rugs and flooring safe the Sanitary way with the most advanced rug pad products from Rug Pad Wizard.

Above all, your rug and flooring’s integrity is our top priority. That’s why we carry the highest performing rug pad products available on the market. Rug Pad Wizard’s range of pads go above and beyond the brands available through other online and big box stores.

For example, innovations like Pet Urine Barrier eliminate the threat posed by dogs and cats’ accidents. Pet urine is one of the most common and damaging sources of stains, but our pads draw all liquid into an absorbent top layer, protecting both rugs and floors at the same time. In addition, Ever Grip rubber substitute keeps both pad and rug securely in place, ensuring no bunching and keeping you safe from slips.



Moreover, the ECO line of pads available through Sanitary are CRI Green Label certified, sustainable, and made in the USA.

Our rug experts will even come to your home or office to place your pad for you, saving you the effort and hassle. In short, if you’ve invested in a beautiful rug of any size, there’s a rug pad available to protect it and the floor beneath.

Reach out to the Sanitary experts who have had your back for over 90 years to learn more. 


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